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Why do I need a VPN?

A "Virtual Private Network" creates an encrypted secret path from your devices to the Internet. There is no better way to keep your searches, passwords, and account information safe from prying eyes. With an active VPN, your ISP can no longer track or capture your Internet activity. You are much safer on public wifi or a competitor's network if you use a VPN. It is so easy to use there is no reason NOT to have a VPN, so what are you waiting for?


The Underpass uses the latest AES256 encryption for bank-grade security you can trust.


Built on Google's worldwide infrastructure you will have all the speed you can handle through our tunnels, no limitiations or restrictions.

Hide your location

Choose one of our regions, or random!

No logging

We don't keep logs of tunnel creation or account usage past a 24 hour operational window.

Privacy issues that are on your mind

How much do folks trust entities with their data?

Credit Card Companies (38%)

Government Agencies (31%)

Telephone Companies (31%)

Cellular Services (31%)

Internet Email Services (29%)

Cable TV Services (28%)

Source: Based on a survey conducted August - September 2014

Reasons to use The Underpass

A handful of reasons why our customers love our service

Safe Wifi

Don't practice unsafe wifi! Sure its easy to get online at Starbucks, but without our secure tunnel your passwords, account numbers, and more may be at risk.

Bypass Restrictions

Don't let proxies and firewalls tell you where you can and cannot go on the Internet! Our tunnel looks like normal HTTPS traffic, and can pass through many corporate bottlenecks.

Anonymous Use

Our tunnels are truly anonymous. We don't ask for or want any personal information, and we don't maintain logs. For a completely anonymous transaction we accept bitcoin!

In-country services

In Germany but want to use US based services? Our tunnel will make your traffic appear to come from the US. Or really any country we have server support in.

crazy encryption

We double the industry standard encryption length to provide AES-256 and Perfect Forward Secrecy, matching banks, large corporations, and governments worldwide.

Super Easy

Download and run our installer, and you have an easy tool to turn your tunnel on and off. You can tell at a glance if your traffic is protected... or not.

pricing plans

Much less than your daily coffee

One Device


billed yearly, $36

one device

unlimited traffic

all regions available

Family Plan


billed yearly, $99

up to 6 devices

unlimited traffic

all regions available

Just for the day


billed once $10

one device, for 24 hours

unlimited traffic

all regions available

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Worldwide happy customers can't be wrong

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